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Happiness Moves!

Check in with yourself, perhaps, and ask a different question. Are you moving around in a Happy Body? Or are you looking for answers to some unresolved pain, perhaps related to some injury to your spine, or a specific joint? Are you or your child trying to cope with post-concussion symptoms, or another kind of impact injury, from sports, dance, or life?

Perhaps I can assist you in your search for lasting healing. Not only does my Injury Reversal Protocol de-mystify and alleviate unresolved pain, my program also includes mentoring, so that you learn how to better protect yourself or your child from re-injury. The human body remembers every injury forever, that's been scientifically proven. But, unless the shock and imprint of that injury is manually and energetically erased, it's pretty likely there will be another injury, and another, and another. And knowing that, what happens to your sense of well-being, security and stability?

Please contact me and learn more about the protocol I've developed after 30 years of practice. It really works to erase that neurological imprint of injury.

Together, as a team, we return you or your child to that place of "100%", feeling renewed, relaxed, safer, and happier.

Louisa Nufield, LMT

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